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Watching a movie SET in a house, while you're IN a house, will

Yo! In "Four Boxes" the creeps are in a house JUST LIKE YOURS! So watch with your friends in the creepiest place of all (2 U) - YOUR HOUSE! We're gonna try to turn one million (or 100) creepy living rooms and break rooms and dorm rooms into mini-creepy-plexes. And Justin Kirk might show up at your "home theater" and bring the TGI-Mudslide! Here are the deets:

  1. Email () us your name and address. Include the names and email addresses of five-ten (or more) people who will be at your "screening" and what night you plan to screen. We, uv course, will NOT share ANYONE'S info.
  2. If you wanna, attach a picture of your soon-2-B "creepy theater" and we'll post it here or on our "Million (100) Mini-plexes" page. We'll also put a target on the map above, just like in the movie! Come on! Let's fill it in! Fight the power!?!
  3. On October 12, get the "Four Boxes" DVD, either through Netflix, at Malls, video-demand it, or from our website. Email and tweet and text all your friends the warnings on our "Warn Your Friends" page. It's dope.
  4. On the night of your “screening,” put the bean-bag chairs around the Acer, fire up the microwave p-corn and jah brews, wait for the doorbell to ring. Somebody’s gonna party with JUSTIN KIRK! We post pix here - of Justin Kirk - AND YOU - after the parties! Watching a movie SET in a house, while you’re IN a house, will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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