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Stream "Four Boxes" now on Netflix. It is available and it is good. - Trevor

Our ORIGINAL TRAILER is up on the homepage - it is more cool. This is our OFFICIAL TRAILER - it is more scary. - Trevor

OH SO COOL! Another H8TR H8TR who loved on "Four Boxes" - YAY! Here's his review!

Thanks to ebberbuds who came out to see us on our theatrical tour of America! Pleez recommend "Four Boxes" to your local theater as a Midnight Movie option - it's so awesome when you're watching it with a bone-load of partiers! - Rob

Buy "Four Boxes" at Target! Buy "Four Boxes" at Best Buy! Buy "Four Boxes" at Wal-Mart! Buy "Four Boxes" at Amazon! Rent "Four Boxes" on Netflix! Rent it on Blockbuster! - Rob

YAY! "Four Boxes" got wrote up, or, podcasted up - {: 0 "wtf" - by LanceWeiler, or, on Lance Weiler's website. ANYWAY! Here's the filmmaker-people (documentary?) talking about Fizzle Bizzles! YAY! - Amber did this piece about FB. There's no better magazine, except Consumer Reports. - Trevor

Check out what Mali Elfman (daughter of Danny Elfman and all-around popularest blogger around) said about "Four Boxes" on her website She thinks our movie might blew up while its also BLEWING YOUR MIND! - Rob

EBS Entertainment represented "Four Boxes" at the Cannes Film Market, May 12 - 23. (Cannes is pronounced can, and it's in France. Whatever. My ex-step-father Donald used to werk at a place in the Maplewood Mall called "Fine Wines of France." For all I no, he still does. He and my mom split up because Don spent all our extra money at Radio Shack and wanted me to sleep by the catbox. This was when I was ten. - Rob)

E1 Entertainment is the off-the-hizz company that's distributing our DVD and all that. Their dope. - Rob

Hey it's Amber! Hey guys, howz it goin'?! Just wanted to let you know my song "Rise Above" - FEATURED DURING THE CREDITS - oh yeah baby - FEATURED during the credits of "Four Boxes" - is up on my MySpace Page! I sang it with all the PASSION in my heart, Fans! - Amber

Sam Rosen is the actor who plays me in the film vershun of "Four Boxes." He is awesome and the way you can tell is he just got cast in a movie called "The Oranges." Hugh Laurie, Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Leighton Meester, & Alia Shawkat star behind Sam. - Rob

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